31 December 2011


PS053 Left neatly parked by kids playing football by the beach.

30 December 2011

29 December 2011

28 December 2011

27 December 2011


PS049  No parking along the walkway for cars but not for boats.

My friend and I went for a morning ride on our bikes and i spotted this really big boat parked in front of a small-size modern Omani house. This place is like 2 kms away from the beach so i wondered how it got here. The house is definitely new but the boat looks old and not a single paint on it. What could be the reason for the owner of the house to put an old boat in front of his house? c",) 

26 December 2011


PS048 Sohar Corniche breakwater. 

"the secret of the sea is looks calm but never is restless like disturbed soul..." by Mary Jane D. Aragon

25 December 2011


PS047 An old concrete fence right across our flat.

24 December 2011


PS046 Birds of the same feather poses together.

23 December 2011


PS045 A fishing boat called "Dhow" docked at Sohar Corniche

I am sharing this photo to skywatch friday. To see others pictures of the sky all over the world, please click on the link SKYWATCH FRIDAY.

22 December 2011


PS044 An inverted image of a reflection from a water surface.

21 December 2011


W is for Waterworld!

PS043  The early bird catches the worm - John Ray.

I am sharing this picture to all participants of ABC Wednesday and Watery Wednesday. To see the pictures of other participants around the world click on ABC Wednesday and/or Watery Wednesday. 

20 December 2011


PS042 One of the entry points to old Sohar Souq.

Doorways... Here are others pictures of Monday Doorways.

19 December 2011


PS041 A white-painted minaret of a small mosque.

The striking white color of this minaret against the blue sky background reminds me of the place called Santorini in Greece. I have not been there yet but i do hope that i get to visit it in the future.


18 December 2011


PS040  It used to be a lovely house to live in.

I have entered this photo in the scenic sunday meme.  To view other pictures please click on the link Scenic Sunday.

17 December 2011

16 December 2011


PS038 Sunrise at Sohar beach (southern side).

Check out for  others latest capture of the sky on a Friday. Enjoy... 

15 December 2011


PS037  Southern side of Sohar Corniche road.

Sohar corniche is a long stretch walkway that spans approximately 2km from end to end and parallel to a road on one side and the beach on the other side.  It is laid with several double seater benches and lighted with 121 lamp posts making it a very nice place to visit especially in the evening. People come here to do exercise activities such as strolling, brisk walking and jogging. Others come to simply enjoy the view of the beach or to enjoy the company of their friends while waiting for time to pass by.  There is a coffee shop and an ice cream store at the southern side and a park laid with benches, gazebos, and a kid's playground at the northern side.  Right across this park is the Dhow Marina restaurant and the sohar fish market.

14 December 2011


PS036 Mosque along the Sohar beach (southern 

13 December 2011


PS035  On-going restoration of the well-visited Sohar Fort.

Sohar Fort is located just a stone's throw away from the southern end of Sohar Corniche.  It served as a defensive bastion and as lookout point in earlier days.  During the Al Busaid Dynasty, it was used as an administration centre and also as seat of judicial authority. In 1993, Sohar Fort was converted as Sohar Fort Museum. Its operation, however, was suspended in 2007 as renovation started to take place. As of now, there is no news yet as to when it will resume operation.   

12 December 2011


PS034  A mosque-inspired gazebo in Al Sallan Park.

Weekend reflections is hosted by James. The picture above is a reflection that i captured while doing a photowalk with a friend in Al Sallan Park, one of the two big parks in the City of Sohar. To view more Weekend Reflections participants click HERE!

11 December 2011


PS033  Newly restored mosque beside the Sohar Fort.

I was amazed by the way the mosque emerges from the forest-like foreground and background.  I took this picture on a thursday morning photowalk by myself.  The sun has risen already as reflected on the surface of the tower.  The sky was clear except for some clouds at the far eastern side close to the horizon.  The temperature then was already low reminding me that winter has already settled in Oman. 

10 December 2011


PS032 A bridge in the middle of a very big pond in Al Sallan Park.

09 December 2011

08 December 2011


PS030  The New Sohar Fish Market.

A modern facility that started operations in 2008.  It has a high open-ceiling allowing air to circulate inside providing comfort to the buying public. There are approximately 80 stalls but only half of it are usually occupied. A fish cleaning/cutting section is located at the longer side facing the sea. Parallel to this section is a waiting area that is provided with several plasma tvs for entertainment while waiting. The upper part of the wall inside is decorated with giant pictures of different kinds of fishes and fishing activities in Oman.  Busiest days are on thursdays and fridays.

07 December 2011


PS029  Fresh from the morning catch of an Omani

Sohar is situated in the coastal area of Al Batinah region. It has a newly constructed, modern and one of the biggest Fish Market in the region.  Most of the fishermen sell their catch here on a wholesale basis to fish vendors. They seldom sell their catch directly to the people and if they do, you have to go through a lot of talking to convince them.  I did not try doing that because in the first place i am not fluent in arabic and they also know little english or none at all.  So i just press on the shutter of my camera... and catch my own version of the fish.  ;-)

06 December 2011


PS028 The Dhow Marina Restaurant in Sohar Corniche

This is the newest (seafood) restaurant that opened in Sohar.  Me and my friends came here one late evening and had the opportunity to try their hot beverages particularly the turkish coffee. We stayed at the roof deck because of the cozy ambience and the superb view of the brightly illuminated Sohar Corniche road. The service crew served our coffee at just the right temperature to balance the cool winter breeze blowing on our faces.  They were also polite, friendly and kind enough to give us an extra serving of the coffee free of charge.  We were delighted with this gesture and for that we will come back one weekend and try their buffet servings...

The Dhow Marina Restaurant serves:
  a) Food Buffet: Mon & Thu from 7:30pm to 11:30pm
  b) Grand Buffet: Thu & Fri from 12:15pm to 4:00pm
  c) Ala Carte: Daily from 12:15pm to 11:00pm

05 December 2011


PS027 A bird known as Sooty Gull going for the kill, photographed
at Sohar Corniche.

Winter season has come to Oman as marked by the appearance of migrating birds such as the sooty gull.  I happen to take a photo of this one when we were on the floating dock just outside the Sohar Fish Market watching local kids catching fish using tiny nylon rope and hooks.  The area is swarmed with small fish giving opportunity for the sooty gull to swiftly and smoothly, and with precision to catch its meal for breakfast. 

04 December 2011


PS026  Brahmin bulls pushing one another at the bullfighting ring/ 
arena near Al Hambar street.

My first time to see and experience what bullfighting in Oman is all about.  My idea of a bull fight comes from pictures/movie clips I have seen from Spain.  What i had observed here is totally different, it's bloodless and the bulls have minimal or no injuries at all.  Bull fights in Oman is just like "sumo wrestling" where one opponent pushes the other opponent out of the ring.  The bulls try to push one another very hard out of the ring using their heads and within a short period of time. The first one who achieves that wins. Sometimes one bull just gives up or runs away, making the other one the winner. Once the winner is determined, several men comes near the two bulls and restrain them using ropes to prevent the bulls from hurting each other further.  And... the winning bull makes its market value higher.

It was fun, and i did get more entertainment just watching the audience, hearing their reactions when the action becomes really really serious...and then later on ends with  applause.  

Bullfighting activity is held every other Friday.  The fight starts at 1600 hrs and entrance to the arena is free.  If you want to experience the thrill, you can get closer to the perimeter of the ring but you need to bring your own chair and you should be alert all the time.

03 December 2011

02 December 2011


PS024 A variety of fabric in a textile shop at Sohar 
Old Souq.

01 December 2011

30 November 2011


Photowalksinsohar joins the people of Oman in celebration of their 41st National Day. The picture below is a simple tribute to the Omani people especially to those who are in Sohar area.  Last but not the least, my heartfelt gratitude and congratulations also to the great leader of Oman, HM Sultan Qaboos. 

PS022 Famous landmark in Sohar.

29 November 2011


PS021  A fisherman's boat at low tide (Sohar Corniche).

28 November 2011

27 November 2011

24 November 2011

23 November 2011

22 November 2011

21 November 2011

20 November 2011

19 November 2011


PS 011 Petunia x hybrida blooming along the streets of

18 November 2011


I was lucky to have a close encounter with these two rabbits in the wild. I was taking a picture of an old bridge and then suddenly out of nowhere, the two rabbits came out.  My heart beat fast from excitement, but i controlled myself and my movements so as not to scare them away.  Below are the best shots i had from my encounter with these cute and lovely rabbits in the city of Sohar.    

PS009 Wild rabbits in the city of Sohar!  

PS010 Taken right across Sunlight Restaurant, Sohar.

"Adaptation in an ecosystem ruined by overwhelming progress... the beauty of the "unseen".  Creatures' seclusion in the dry land." - Dr. Marvin W. Lidawan

17 November 2011

15 November 2011

14 November 2011

13 November 2011


PS 004  Water channel near the old souq in Sohar.
It's a good habit to reflect on your daily experiences and learn from them.  This way you get better outcomes and also avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.