18 November 2011


I was lucky to have a close encounter with these two rabbits in the wild. I was taking a picture of an old bridge and then suddenly out of nowhere, the two rabbits came out.  My heart beat fast from excitement, but i controlled myself and my movements so as not to scare them away.  Below are the best shots i had from my encounter with these cute and lovely rabbits in the city of Sohar.    

PS009 Wild rabbits in the city of Sohar!  

PS010 Taken right across Sunlight Restaurant, Sohar.

"Adaptation in an ecosystem ruined by overwhelming progress... the beauty of the "unseen".  Creatures' seclusion in the dry land." - Dr. Marvin W. Lidawan


Thank you for spending some of your precious time to see the photograph and to comment on my photo-blog too. Mashkur wagid!