31 May 2012


PS153 Taken at Elm Street which is near the southern most part of Sohar.

30 May 2012


ABC Wednesday:  T is for Tangible Tree

PS152 Sunset captured at Al Sallan Park.

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29 May 2012


PS151 A classic but colorful Ferris Wheel for kids at Al Sallan Park.

28 May 2012


PS150  A Red-wattled Lapwing bird (Hoplopterus indicus)  found in gardens
or farms in Sohar.

27 May 2012


PS149 A few of the many commodities sold in souq al jumaa also known as
the friday market.  

26 May 2012


PS148 Sohar gate is another landmark in Sohar that serves as a gateway
for travelers coming from Muscat City.

Link to Weekly Top Shot no. 32.

25 May 2012


Skywatch Friday: S5E46
PS147 A medium-sized Brahman Bull just got out from a midday bath along
Sohar's shoreline.

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23 May 2012


ABC Wednesday:  S for Stone house

PS146 Looks like a nice place to stay during summer where the temperature
can go as high as 50degC.

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21 May 2012


PS145 One of the many desert trees we found in the mountain region of Liwa
that can survive the summer heat that goes as high as 50degC.

19 May 2012


PS144 Men up on the cables of power lines near the
Sohar Mina RA.

18 May 2012


Skywatch Friday S5E45
PS143 Enjoying the setting sun by the beach at Al Musaanah.

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15 May 2012


PS142 A mountain grass alongside the creek taken
using a 50mm lens.

14 May 2012


PS141 Some kind of a unique flowering plant in a garden which we found
unexpectedly while exploring the mountain range of Sohar. 

13 May 2012