17 June 2012


PS165 A days catch from using fish net ready to be sold in the fish market.

16 June 2012


PS164 Found this wasp (either mud dauber or hornet) while taking a rest
after a tiring Badminton match in Shinas.

14 June 2012


Skywatch Friday: S5E49
PS163  Sunset taken near the Bull Fighting Arena in Al Hambar area.

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10 June 2012


PS162 A minaret of an old abandoned mosque in

08 June 2012


Skywatch Friday:  S5E48

PS161 Summer is evidently seen from the slowly drying trees in Shinas (a
city North of Sohar) under a clear, hot midday middle eastern sky.

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07 June 2012


Alphabe-Thursday: C for Community deserted place under a Cloudless sky.

PS160 For some reason, the community that lived here has moved to another
location leaving the place in an uninhabitable and sorry state.

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Jenny Matlock

06 June 2012


ABC Wednesday: U is for unusable!

PS159 Overused pick-up trucks beyond their salvage value are neatly  parked 
near Shinas port.  These were used to pull fishing nets to the shore.

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05 June 2012


PS158 The biggest mosque in Shinas located near the port. 

While touring Shinas, i have learned that its port, which caters trips to the Musandam Region, is now open. It started operating a month ago and as part of its promotion, tickets were free (heard about it but too late already for me to avail of the free tickets). 

Below are some of the information i gathered when we went to check it out:


Travel Schedule:
From-To | ETD | ETA | Day
Shinas-Khasab | 7a | 10a | Saturday
Khasab-Shinas | 3p | 6p | Saturday
Shinas-Khasab | 2p | 5p | Wednesday
Khasab-Shinas | 4p | 7p | Friday

Fare for Adults:
Traveler Class | Round Trip | One Way
Tourist Class | RO 22 | RO 11
Business Class | RO 40 | RO 20
First Class | RO 60 | RO 30
NOTE: Fare for children is half that of the adult.

Freight rates for vehicles:
Bicycle - RO1
Motorcycle - RO3
Private sedan (Taxi) - RO8
Car 4W/14 bus passenger/Pick-up - RO12
Government car - RO15
Commercial vehicle - RO40
Bus/25-30 passengers/commercial truck - RO50

The above information may change without prior notice.

04 June 2012


PS157 From Hamed's garden in Shinas, a town north of Sohar.  This mango
tree and all the other trees in the garden are irrigated with deep well water
which underwent water treatment due to high saline content. 

03 June 2012


PS156 Rhodes grass cultivation is an option for farmers in Sohar because
it does not require much attention and care, just regular watering in the
morning and in the late afternoon.

02 June 2012


PS154 A classic piece of transportation that is environmentally friendly. 

01 June 2012


1 June 2012

Skywatch Friday: S5E47

PS154 A view of sunset and the sky at the mountain ranges of Sohar.

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