29 February 2012


G is for GREEN leaves of a desert tree.
PS114 A desert tree photo taken in Yankul, city west of Sohar.

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28 February 2012


PS113 This was taken at Yankul, a city West of Sohar.

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27 February 2012


PS112 A village surrounded by "dates" at the foot of the mountain near Nizwa,
350km SW of Sohar.

26 February 2012


PS111 A once beautiful structure in the old "souq" (market) in Ibra, 375km
South of Sohar.

25 February 2012

24 February 2012


Skywatch Friday, S5E33

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” ~ Mark Twain

PS109 Lighthouse in Sur, a city SE of Sohar.

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23 February 2012


N is for NEAT
PS108 A "neat" architectural design of a ceiling of a dome-shaped pavilion
along the Muttrah corniche in Muscat, capital city of Oman approximately
230 km South of Sohar. 

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Jenny Matlock

22 February 2012


F is for FORT
PS107 Nizwa Fort in the A' Dakhliyah region, southwest of Sohar.

Nizwa Fort was the first Omani Fort i had visited.  It is located approximately 350 km SW of Sohar.  The fort was considered to be one of the biggest fort in the Arabian Peninsula having an exterior diameter of its circular structure of 48 m and over 36 m high.  The fort has doors that are inches deep and above it has holes through which boiling oil could be poured over the marauding enemies.

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21 February 2012


PS106  Omani clay pots sold in Nizwa souq, Southwest of Sohar.

Oman pottery is considered an ancient industry but is still popular until today specially in Bahla, a town next to Nizwa. There are evidences discovered in an archaeological excavation in Buraimi, a town West of Sohar, that prove the existence of this industry during the 4th millennium BC.  The products of this thriving industry can be found in many Omani homes and in most top hotels, mostly used to hold water or as a decorative piece. 

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20 February 2012


PS105 These are grass grown here in Sohar and sold as food for camels and
horses in other GCC countries.

19 February 2012


PS104 A rare scene at Sur corniche (South of Sohar) on an early morning.

18 February 2012

17 February 2012


PS102 Photowalking along Al Tareef road on a late Friday afternoon.
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16 February 2012


M is for Mountain Range.
PS101 This photo was taken in our photowalks at the mountain ranges of
Sohar, western side going to Yanqul.

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Jenny Matlock

15 February 2012


E is for EARLY morning!
PS100 A little bit gloomy Sunrise at Sohar Corniche.

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14 February 2012


PS099 A  flower from one of the common weeds in Oman with a scientific
name of calotropis procera (apple of sodom or rubber bush).

I found this flower while having my early morning photowalk just a stone's throw away from a friend's house in Shinas, a town located north of Sohar.  I would like to thank one anonymous person who commented on this post and kindly gave the name of the said flower. I also learned that it's not a rare flower but rather a common one and from a weed plant.  See comment below.  Whoever you are, thank you very much.    

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13 February 2012


PS098 A view of sunrise from a rooftop near Al Qa'ala roundabout.

12 February 2012


PS097 The Sohar Gate, major entry point to the city of Sohar from the South.

11 February 2012


PS096 Pillars at the Sohar gate with arches illuminated with blue light.

10 February 2012


PS095 Taken at Al Qurm, Muscat 200km SE of Sohar.

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09 February 2012


PS094 Cloud formation over the mountains of Sohar at the west going
to Wadi Hibi.
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08 February 2012


D is for Details
PS093 Hallway outside the Muscat Palace, 200+km 
Southeast of Sohar.

Muscat Palace is also known as "Al Alam Royal Palace". It is situated in between two forts opposite one another and between a rocky hills and the Muscat bay.  The palace is not open to the public but pictures can be taken near the huge gate at the entrance.  

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07 February 2012


PS092 A new building under construction to house
Sohar Historical Market.  

The Sohar Historical Market is constructed to resemble the shape of a bird. According to the design office manager of the Sohar Development Office, the market will highlight the historical and commercial value of Sohar, which was known as the land of copper and was considered a trade centre with Africa, China, Iraq and Iran.  

The ground floor will have shops that will sell traditional products like Omani halwa, herbs, clothes and gold jewellery while the first floor will house a coffee shop, restaurant, and an exhibition that will display documents and photographs related to the history of Sohar.

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06 February 2012


PS091 Four lovely omani goats, two were aware of my presence and the
other two were busy grazing on the leaves of a desert tree.  What has caught
my attention is the goat up in the tree! 

05 February 2012


PS090 This was taken early morning in Sohar corniche.

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04 February 2012


PS089 Sohar rowing team for the traditional boat race in the Muscat
Festival.  The race will be held on 9-10 February 2012.

03 February 2012


PS088 Traditional boat for rowing competitions.

02 February 2012


PS087 Leaves of dates trees as material for the roof of
this park shed.