14 February 2012


PS099 A  flower from one of the common weeds in Oman with a scientific
name of calotropis procera (apple of sodom or rubber bush).

I found this flower while having my early morning photowalk just a stone's throw away from a friend's house in Shinas, a town located north of Sohar.  I would like to thank one anonymous person who commented on this post and kindly gave the name of the said flower. I also learned that it's not a rare flower but rather a common one and from a weed plant.  See comment below.  Whoever you are, thank you very much.    

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  1. l A beautiful plant. i am also wondering what it is. you should look up a plant people blog and ask what they think.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful flower!
    I've never seen it before.
    Greetings Mette

  3. Very beautiful plant. I love flowers but most of the time dont know their names.

  4. This is an extra ordinary flower! Never seen this before!

  5. so have you found the name of the flower? it looks so pretty and was shot beautifully!

    1. That's Calotropis procera (Sodom's apple). It's not rare, but one of the commonest weeds of Oman.


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