07 February 2012


PS092 A new building under construction to house
Sohar Historical Market.  

The Sohar Historical Market is constructed to resemble the shape of a bird. According to the design office manager of the Sohar Development Office, the market will highlight the historical and commercial value of Sohar, which was known as the land of copper and was considered a trade centre with Africa, China, Iraq and Iran.  

The ground floor will have shops that will sell traditional products like Omani halwa, herbs, clothes and gold jewellery while the first floor will house a coffee shop, restaurant, and an exhibition that will display documents and photographs related to the history of Sohar.

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  1. nothing is better than a blue blue sky, a great contrast from ours here today. :( but i can't complain. :D

    1. i love blue skies...we seldom see a sky as blue as this. im so thankful i got the chance to not just to see it, but also to capture it. ;-)

  2. Stunning! Just stunning! Thank you!


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