04 February 2012


PS089 Sohar rowing team for the traditional boat race in the Muscat
Festival.  The race will be held on 9-10 February 2012.


  1. all the best to sohar rowing team!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Prem... i didn't have the time to see them perform in their practice but a friend of mine who stayed to watch them practice said that they were, i do hope they win.

  3. R1, please tell us-- what are those strangely-shaped things that make up the barrier that faces the rowing team? I've never seen anything like them before. Fascinating.

    1. Those strangely-shaped things are precast concrete blocks shaped like that so they can interlock with each other making them stable even when the waves are strong. The voids or empty spaces in between these blocks also serve to break the energy of the ocean wave. The barrier you are looking at (the one facing the rowing team is part of a long stretch of a barrier that forms a lagoon in front of the sohar fish market. The water here is calm most of the time, the stronger waves outside the barrier could not enter the lagoon area. I hope this helps Petrea...


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