19 March 2012


PS133 A view of Al Nakhal's village near the foot of the mountain taken from
one of Nakhal Fort's towers.

Nakhal is in the Al Batinah region. It has a lot of "dates" trees as there is a hot spring near the foot of the mountain. Many tourists visit Nakhal on holidays to get a dip in the spring or just have a picnic near or along the shallow part of the wadi. A Fort is one famous monument in this place and it's open for tourists to visit as well. The Fort is constructed on top of a rocky hill and in some parts, the rock is part of the structure. Inside the Fort are historical documents and pieces that gives you an idea of Oman's past.  
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  1. I'm so glad you entered Our World -- I am going to love virtually visiting your country -- it's a new one for me. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Nice view from that interesting fort. I really like the idea of soaking in the hotsprings.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Welcome to Our World! Great to have you share yours with us! I, too, am going to enjoy visiting your country through your captures! And it does look like a beautiful place! I love the vivid blue sky and such an interesting fort! The hotsprings sounds great to me as well!


  4. A wonderful glimpse of your corner of the world. So much history and a wonderful golden landscape.

  5. Oh, what a beautiful photo, and a splendid spot for a picnic!

  6. That is stunning, both the fort in the foreground and the incredible scenery in the background.

  7. such a wonderful beautifully captured...

  8. I could imagine myself soaking in the hot spring, so soothing. Nice shot of the fort!

  9. Great shot. I well remember being there. I just loved being in Oman.


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