30 November 2011


Photowalksinsohar joins the people of Oman in celebration of their 41st National Day. The picture below is a simple tribute to the Omani people especially to those who are in Sohar area.  Last but not the least, my heartfelt gratitude and congratulations also to the great leader of Oman, HM Sultan Qaboos. 

PS022 Famous landmark in Sohar.


  1. Happy 41st to Oman!

    The R/A makes a nice contrast against the clear blue sky. Nice angle and composition.

    By the way, welcome to City Daily Photo Community! Hoping to see more of Sohar through your lens.

  2. Thanks for the are making me learn more for every comment you leave here.

    My heartfelt thanks to you too for inviting me to CDP, it made me realize that there are also a lot of people into sharing photos everyday. From their posts, i'm also learning a lot. And that's because of you. c",)

    Advance UAE National Day too! ;-)


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