25 November 2011


PS017 Light beyond darkness.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! A shout out from a sunrise/sunset lover to another. Keep clicking and keep honing your skills!

    (My first time here. Allow me to say thank you for liking Al Ain City Daily Photo's FB page)

  2. You actually inspired me to make blog and to showcase what is in sohar from my photowalks. I am new in photography and in photo-blogging as well... i definitely do have a lot to learn.

    Thank you so much for dropping by. May i asked permission to link Al Ain City Daily Photo here in my blogsite? Good day! ;-)

  3. I can see that you have an eye for this kind of art. I myself have a lot of things to learn when it comes to photography....rules are countless, by the way.

    Sure. I love the idea of linking my blogsite to your beautiful photoblog. I am honored and this is such a humbling experience for me to hear (read) that I actually inspired others to blog. I will add yours on my link list.

    Keep clicking!

  4. ang galing. Its how you see it. right? parang abstract ang dating...


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