08 December 2011


PS030  The New Sohar Fish Market.

A modern facility that started operations in 2008.  It has a high open-ceiling allowing air to circulate inside providing comfort to the buying public. There are approximately 80 stalls but only half of it are usually occupied. A fish cleaning/cutting section is located at the longer side facing the sea. Parallel to this section is a waiting area that is provided with several plasma tvs for entertainment while waiting. The upper part of the wall inside is decorated with giant pictures of different kinds of fishes and fishing activities in Oman.  Busiest days are on thursdays and fridays.


  1. Reading your description, I can say that it is indeed modern. Would love to see what's inside.

  2. It's a graceful building. Good idea to have those TV screens while you wait for your fish to be cleaned.

  3. hi Misalyn! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I will feature what's inside Sohar Fish Market soon. ;-) That's a promise! Mashkur wagid...


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