15 December 2011


PS037  Southern side of Sohar Corniche road.

Sohar corniche is a long stretch walkway that spans approximately 2km from end to end and parallel to a road on one side and the beach on the other side.  It is laid with several double seater benches and lighted with 121 lamp posts making it a very nice place to visit especially in the evening. People come here to do exercise activities such as strolling, brisk walking and jogging. Others come to simply enjoy the view of the beach or to enjoy the company of their friends while waiting for time to pass by.  There is a coffee shop and an ice cream store at the southern side and a park laid with benches, gazebos, and a kid's playground at the northern side.  Right across this park is the Dhow Marina restaurant and the sohar fish market.


  1. This is a wonderful photo! Did you stand in the street to take it? Ah! How safe is that?

  2. Thank you Petrea... i did, but i made sure that it's safe. there's a 90 degree turn on the road 400 meters away from where i'm standing. and it's early in the morning, like 7am, not so much car on the road yet. have a nice day...

  3. Zakton says "The row of light poles are so neat."

    My apologies sir, the touch sensitive screen of my tab accidentally chose the other option instead of the publish.

    Thank you for comment.

  4. Inspiring shot...keep on clicking.


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