06 December 2011


PS028 The Dhow Marina Restaurant in Sohar Corniche

This is the newest (seafood) restaurant that opened in Sohar.  Me and my friends came here one late evening and had the opportunity to try their hot beverages particularly the turkish coffee. We stayed at the roof deck because of the cozy ambience and the superb view of the brightly illuminated Sohar Corniche road. The service crew served our coffee at just the right temperature to balance the cool winter breeze blowing on our faces.  They were also polite, friendly and kind enough to give us an extra serving of the coffee free of charge.  We were delighted with this gesture and for that we will come back one weekend and try their buffet servings...

The Dhow Marina Restaurant serves:
  a) Food Buffet: Mon & Thu from 7:30pm to 11:30pm
  b) Grand Buffet: Thu & Fri from 12:15pm to 4:00pm
  c) Ala Carte: Daily from 12:15pm to 11:00pm


  1. Looks like a lovely place for an evening, rooftop coffee!

  2. Elegant indeed! Looks like a lovely place, not just for the turkish coffee but also to practice some long exposure shots :)

  3. Yes Leif...we had a long chitchat over a cup of turkish coffee...


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