13 December 2011


PS035  On-going restoration of the well-visited Sohar Fort.

Sohar Fort is located just a stone's throw away from the southern end of Sohar Corniche.  It served as a defensive bastion and as lookout point in earlier days.  During the Al Busaid Dynasty, it was used as an administration centre and also as seat of judicial authority. In 1993, Sohar Fort was converted as Sohar Fort Museum. Its operation, however, was suspended in 2007 as renovation started to take place. As of now, there is no news yet as to when it will resume operation.   


  1. Looks like there's a lot to restore in Sultan Fort...4 years and still counting.

    I love visiting forts...aside from the exquisite architecture that I enjoy most, I simply like the idea of learning something new about the place, about the history and heritage.

    Edit: my word verification is MANKIND. Geee!!

  2. Hi Misalyn. Thanks for dropping by. I heard many good things about Sohar Fort Museum and im really looking forward to the resumption of its operation. I really regret for not having visited it before they closed down for renovation. So everytume i pass by, i always wonder what's inside. I will invite you to come over here in Sohar once i get an update on its opening day. :-)

  3. I hope you'll go take pictures when it opens!


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