04 December 2011


PS026  Brahmin bulls pushing one another at the bullfighting ring/ 
arena near Al Hambar street.

My first time to see and experience what bullfighting in Oman is all about.  My idea of a bull fight comes from pictures/movie clips I have seen from Spain.  What i had observed here is totally different, it's bloodless and the bulls have minimal or no injuries at all.  Bull fights in Oman is just like "sumo wrestling" where one opponent pushes the other opponent out of the ring.  The bulls try to push one another very hard out of the ring using their heads and within a short period of time. The first one who achieves that wins. Sometimes one bull just gives up or runs away, making the other one the winner. Once the winner is determined, several men comes near the two bulls and restrain them using ropes to prevent the bulls from hurting each other further.  And... the winning bull makes its market value higher.

It was fun, and i did get more entertainment just watching the audience, hearing their reactions when the action becomes really really serious...and then later on ends with  applause.  

Bullfighting activity is held every other Friday.  The fight starts at 1600 hrs and entrance to the arena is free.  If you want to experience the thrill, you can get closer to the perimeter of the ring but you need to bring your own chair and you should be alert all the time.


  1. Fun and interesting to see since we could never see that in my city!

  2. No kidding! This is all together new to me!
    Much nicer than the bloody type of bull fight.

  3. Yes Dina... i saw it with my own eyes, the bulls walk away as if nothing happened...

  4. Yes Leif, I was entertained by the bullfighting scene and the audience too... ;-)


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