05 December 2011


PS027 A bird known as Sooty Gull going for the kill, photographed
at Sohar Corniche.

Winter season has come to Oman as marked by the appearance of migrating birds such as the sooty gull.  I happen to take a photo of this one when we were on the floating dock just outside the Sohar Fish Market watching local kids catching fish using tiny nylon rope and hooks.  The area is swarmed with small fish giving opportunity for the sooty gull to swiftly and smoothly, and with precision to catch its meal for breakfast. 


  1. I'm happy to be visiting your blog again today and catching up on your beautiful photos. This is a good action shot! Through your lens, Sohar looks like a very interesting place.

  2. Thank you Petrea. I wanted to include it as action shot but i think it's late already because when i checked on the guidelines, it says that it must be posted in the blog on Dec 1. However, the cdp blog updates still says that action shot theme is still on-going. So i'm kind of confuse.

    I will try my best to join Theme shots next time... have a great day Petrea.

  3. a perfect catch sir a perfect moment...

  4. Thank you 'te Nelly. I was lucky that day...i didn't expect to get a beautiful shot as this. I was even worried that time that my setting might not be correct. It turned out just fine. c",)

  5. R1, the theme day is not required, it's just a fun thing to do. It happens the first day of every month. The theme for January 1st will be your best photo from 2011.

    During the month we vote for the following month's theme. Right now you can go to Forums/monthly theme days/February 2012 theme day poll and cast your vote for February's theme (be sure you're signed in).


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