07 June 2012


Alphabe-Thursday: C for Community deserted place under a Cloudless sky.

PS160 For some reason, the community that lived here has moved to another
location leaving the place in an uninhabitable and sorry state.

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Jenny Matlock


  1. Gosh - it screams heat. Brilliant!

    1. quite correct jfb57. it was like 40+ degC when we were here. thanks for dropping by.


  2. I looks like a ghost town! What a wonderful picture!

  3. Wonder what tales those buildings have to tell. Nice post♫

  4. looks like a movie scene, quite strange but at the same time, not really.

    thanks for your visit to my alphabe-thursday. I hope you have a sweet day.

  5. It is sad. I do like to visit these kinds of places though and dream about what once was and what could be again. Sometime you just never know someone may come along and bring it all back to life again!

  6. We have ghost towns around here and I always wonder about the people who walked the streets and lived in the houses.

    Great shot!

  7. Hello.
    Does indeed look like a ghost town! Very mysterious...wonder why they left? I'm sweatig just thinking about how hot it looks...urgh! Nice shot though. Thanks for sharing.

    Complicated Dreams

  8. Wow. This would be a place I would very much want to explore.

    It is so desolate and mysterious and enticing.

    I'm always wondering about the stories of places...and this one just begs to be told.

    Thanks for such a charming link for the letter "C" this week.


  9. What a sad place. Imagine the people who once lived here, going about their daily routines. Was it tough for them, I wonder. Now the animals and insects have it all to themselves.


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